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  • Infertility and Infertility TreatmentOpen or Close

    Most of the people wish to conceive a baby in some point of time in their life. And most of them will achieve pregnancy within six months or one year. But some of them are facing problem to get pregnant; the incapability to conceive a baby after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse is defined as infertility.

    What is Infertility?
    It is a medical condition that happens to one couple in six couples. If you are planning for a baby it’s not happen as quickly as you imagine, so don’t think that you have infertility. The infertility problems can understand only after the determination of an infertility specialist. But don’t get worry about it there are number of treatment options are available in modern medical world.

    What are the infertility treatment options?
    1. Follicular tracking by Ultrasound: It is a simple treatment that to identify the most fertile days of woman’s cycle. It helps to understand the effective intercourse time to perk up the chances of conceiving.
    2. IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination: At the time ovulation a prepared sperm sample will injected into woman’s uterus.
    3. IVF – In Vitro Fertilization: Fertilising the egg and sperm in the laboratory then, the resulting embryos are inserting into woman’s womb.
    4. ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection: It is used in the case of male infertility, selecting the live sperm sample and injecting directly into the female body at the time of ovulation.

  • The Main Causes Of InfertilityOpen or Close

    Abnormal functioning in the reproductive system of men and woman is mentioned as infertility. There are a number of couples facing infertility issues because of today’s life styles and later pregnancy choice. Here explaining the causes of infertility.

    The main causes of Male infertility
    1. Difficulty with the releasing of sperm: it will happen due to premature ejaculation, blockage in the testicle, damage in reproductive organ or cystic fibrosis (genetic disorder).
    2. Abnormal production or function: Diabetes or infections like health problems, varicocele (distended veins in the testes) these all affects the quality of sperm.
    3. If done cancer treatment: the chemotherapy treatment will reduce the sperm production.
    4. Environmental factors and behaviour: Over usage of drugs and the environmental conditions affect the sperm production.

    The main causes of Female Infertility
    1. Ovulation problems: It will affect the discharging of eggs from the ovaries. If the thyroid hormone increasing the chances of ovulation disorders is high.
    2. Abnormal uterus: The abnormalities in uterus are the major cause of infertility. In some cases the fibroids (uterine wall) hinder the implementation of fertilized egg.
    3. Damages in fallopian tube: Pelvic inflammatory disease is the resultant of fallopian inflammation.
    4. Outgrowth of endometrial tissue (Endometriosis) affects the proper function of ovaries this may leads to infertility.
    5. Cancer and it treatments affect fertility.
    6. Delayed or absence of menstruation (Amenorrhea) cause infertility.

  • The Evaluation of Infertility. Open or Close

    The fertility treatment if beginning with the assessment of both partners that includes detailed tests.

    How to determine male infertility?
    The semen assessment is the main task for male infertility analysis because most of the men will never show any symptoms that indicate fertility issue.
    1. Sperm analysis: Analysing the sperm, reliability and its volume from sperm sample.
    2. Understanding the physical condition and habitats of the person.
    3. The morphology and mobility of the sperm can interfere the fertilization of an egg. So detailed test of sperm is very important in male fertility analysis

    How to determine female infertility?
    1. Ovulation test: It is to analyse the egg production in each month.
    2. Ultrasound scanning test: It is for the assessment of women’s uterus.
    3. AMH Hormone test: This test will help to calculate the egg count when the ovarian reserve at risk.
    4. Detailed check up of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes condition.

  • Types of Infertility TreatmentsOpen or Close

    Are you a couple facing problem with infertility? The modern medical world developed numerous treatment options for infertility.
    1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): It is one of the most advanced treatment option, that the fertilization process completely done in an embryology laboratory. Then the resultant embryo will transfer into the women’s womb for attain pregnancy.
    2. Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI): It is the process called insemination of sperm into the uterine cavity. Collected sperm sample after detailed analysis gently injected into the uterus.
    3. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): It is used in the case of male infertility; the treatment processes involves in the selection of sperm sample and directly inject that into the female body at the time of ovulation.
    4. Follicular tracking through ultrasound: It is to identify the most fertile days of a women in her menstrual cycle. It will help to improve the chances for conceiving by adjusting intercourse time of couples.
    5. Medications for improving the development of Egg: At the time ovulation the prescribed pills were inserting into the body through mouth or injection. As a result of that the production of hormones which induce the growth of egg will increase and it boosts the chances of pregnancy.

  • IVF and IVF TreatmentOpen or Close

    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
    Most widely used reproductive technology, it is the process that the fertilization taken place in outside of the body and the resultant embryo will transfer into female body. If you are with unexplained infertility after prior medical check up then you can contact an embryologists for IVF.

    How the IVF Treatment?
    Step 1: If you are decided to go for IVF, first step involves the assessment of female uterus to understand the suitability for carrying a baby (hysteroscopy test). Generally, it will do one month before the IVF cycle.
    Step 2: If the step 1 is success, then collect and freeze the semen sample from male.
    Step 3: For inducing the egg growth with the hormone tests followed by daily injection. Then inject the HCG as an ovulation activator.
    Step 4: Egg retrieval from female body.
    Step 5: After retrieval of eggs, submit that for maturity assessment. Then the mature eggs are infused with the semen and keep in the incubator for 3-5 days.
    Step 6: The transferring of embryo: after incubation selecting two or three embryos from it and by abdominal ultrasound guidance it transfers into female womb.
    Step 7: Starts the supportive medicines for embryo development. Then do the check up after 17 days to analyse the embryo growth.

  • Infertility Clinics in Mumbai IndiaOpen or Close

    Are you facing problem with fertility? Searching better infertility clinic in Mumbai? You have great company. The Jilla hospital is one of the best infertility clinics in Mumbai India.
    With today’s stressful lifestyles, many of the couples are facing infertility issues. In advanced science and medical field invented numerous treatment options for infertility. Often, without proper knowledge about it couples who all are suspecting this issue refer to a general gynaecologists. As a result of that finding a better solution is very difficult for them. An expert specialist can only give proper guidance for your issue.

    Jilla Hospital can provide such a better treatment for infertility in Mumbai. There are a number of infertility centres available in Mumbai, but people choosing Jilla Hospital mainly because of the service. With highly specialized doctors and management it attains the peak level in Mumbai infertility hospital lists.

    The correct counselling and proper guidance is the primary part of every successful treatment programme. From here you can touch with the vastly trained counsellors, and they are ready to support you in all time when you are under treatment.

  • IVF Success Rate – Jilla HospitalOpen or Close

    The Jilla Hospital was established with the aim of giving hopes to thousand more couples who are facing infertility issues. Here providing better services and treatment for fertility issues in affordable prices.

    It is one of the stop destinations for all fertility solutions in Mumbai. Its IVF success rate proves the treatment qualities and professional experience. With highly qualified IVF specialists it is being as one of the best. The IVF treatment in Jilla hospital can provide complete solution for your fertility issues. And it has highly developed technology and best doctors for infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, Collection of egg/sperm from donors, and ICSI.

    The one thing that here will never comprise on the superiority of the treatment so that only it has very good IVF success rate.

    Here constantly aim to provide the best for each and every patient suffering fertility issue, by using best drugs and media for the infertility treatment.

    Meet with experienced doctors, they are ready to give the complete guidance in all steps of the treatment. Here 99% of the couples who came with infertility issues leaving with full of happiness and new hopes in their life. These all are standing Jilla Hospital in the top level with good IVF success rate.

  • Best IVF Doctors and SpecialistsOpen or Close

    Most of the couples have a lovable dream in their life that is to give birth for a child. But some of them are facing infertility issues. Today’s medical field has numerous treatment options such as IVF, IUI and ICSI. In Mumbai lots of infertility treatment centres are available, but if you wish to connect with best IVF doctors and specialists in Mumbai India then come to Jilla Hospital.

    With years of experience the Jilla hospital is famous in infertility treatment. A best doctor will never give you trial, he/she understand your problems and share exact treatment option.

    In Vitro Fertilization is valuable gift from the advanced science, it offer hopes for many couples who are suffering from fertility issues. Here in Jilla hospital, fertility doctors and specialists will treat you with their highest knowledge in infertility treatment.

    Every couple who all are getting in touch with Jilla hospital about their fertility related issues leaving there with full of happiness. They will find the solutions for their problems from great specialists and doctors.

  • Consulting IVF CentersOpen or Close

    If you are choosing best in your life then you can easily find the reason for “why it is important to consult in IVF centres in Mumbai?”

    Are you a couple struggling with infertility issues? And lost expectations by consulting with general gynaecologists? Then, know about infertility hospital in Mumbai through valuable feedbacks.

    Mumbai is one of a major metropolitan city so from there you can expect better infertility treatment than anywhere. With years of experience of infertility treatments, Jilla hospital is one of the best choices in Mumbai.

    The hospital is featured with highly qualified doctors and thousand more satisfied couples. Advanced science gave many gifts in medical field for fertility problem solution. But it is hard to use latest technologies in every hospital due to the limitations. Here from Jilla hospital Mumbai, you well get all latest treatment options than other infertility treatment centres.

    Don’t wait more if you really want to become a mother or a father, parenthood is a lovely feeling. Get in touch with a good infertility treatment centre to know about the exact problem and treatment. Jilla hospital will never let you to wait, will find the reason and experts are ready to give solutions.

  • Male Infertility TreatmentOpen or Close

    Male Infertility
    Causes of male infertility:
    Abnormal sperm or sperm count variation is the main reason for male infertility. The reasons for that are;
    • Infection in the testicle.
    • If done chemotherapy treatment,
    • Irregular collection of bulging veins above the testicle.
    • Hormone issues and genetic abnormalities.

    Treatment for male infertility.
    Today, new technology introduced assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) that offer powerful treatment options. Through these high-tech treatment options male infertility can treat effectively.
    1. Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) - The treatment used for the person with extremely low sperm. Single sperm will inject into an egg through a tiny needle. Then, the fertilized egg placed in the uterus.
    2. IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination: Sperm will directly inject into the uterus in the time of ovulation.
    3. IVF – In Vitro Fertilization – fertilization will takes place in a test tube and then the resultant embryo implanted into uterus.

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