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IVF Hospital In Mumbai defines In vitro Fertilization meaning fertilization outside the human body, IVF is a technique of assisted reproduction that is used for sub fertile couples. Consult an IVF Specialist in Mumbai today.In vitro Fertilization meaning fertilization outside the human body, IVF is a technique of assisted reproduction that is used for sub fertile couples. In IVF the oocyte and washed sperms are kept in a petri dish for fertilization. The fertilised ovum is then left in the culture medium to grow from day 2 to day 6. Depending on the case the embryos are transferred in the uterus to implant.

Process of IVF takes about 20 days. It starts with controlled ovarian stimulation in which the ovaries are stimulated numerous follicles grow for about 10 days followed by an LH trigger. 35 to 36 hours after the LH trigger oocytes are retrieved.

The sperm sample is prepared for IVF and the retrieved eggs are added in the semen sample and kept in the incubator for fertilization. The embryos are grown for 2 to 6 days and then transferred. IVF is usually advised to patients with infertility due to female factors. Patients who are advised donor egg or surrogacy will also go for IVF.

Couples Who Will Benefit From Ivf

Steps involved in IVF

1)  Controlled Ovarian Stimulation:
  • Short Antagonist protocol : The female partner is given follicle stimulating hormone from day 2 to day 12 of her cycle (Cycle day 1 is the 1st day of periods) , the size of the follicle is monitored by ultrasound. Once the follicles grow more than 20mm , an LH trigger or GnRh agonist is given for these follicles to mature (as shown in the figure above).
  • Long Protocol: On the 22nd day the cycle , the female partner is given a GnRh agonist , this assists the pituitary to release all the FSH and LH hormones ,thus starting early recruitment of follicles. On the 2nd day of the patients menstrual cycles ovarian stimulation starts , where more than one follicle is grown and once the follicles size becomes more than 20mm, LH trigger is given and the oocytes are retrieved.
2) Oocyte Pick up /Ovum Pick up / Oocyte retrieval:

The process of retrieving the oocyte from the grown follicle is known as oocyte pick up. This is a simple, scar less , ultrasound guided procedure. The ovum pickup needle gently aspirates the follicle from the ovaries under ultrasound guidance. This is also known as oocyte aspiration. This process takes about 30 minutes and is done under anesthesia. This comes under day care procedure , so the patient can go home in 4 to 5 hours. Oocytes are carefully picked form the follicle and kept in a growth medium.

3) Sperm Preparation:

The process of extracting sperm form the semen sample. Semen sample consist of sperm cells citric acid, amino acid, fructose, enzymes and all the other enzymes coming from the reproductive organs. While IVF we want only sperms with the highest motility to fertilize the eggs, hence the sample is wash with media to separate high motility sperms these are then kept in the incubator at 37 degrees for capacitation.

4) In Vitro Fertilization:

The prepared semen sample and the oocytes are now added in the Petri dish with growth medium and kept to fertilise in the incubator.

5) Embryo Transfer:

This is the final step of IVF in which the embryos from the incubator are transferred into the mother’s uterus under ultrasound guidance.

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